Braham Giani Sant Baba Basant Singh ji Maharaj


Sant Baba Basant Singh ji Maharaj was born in village Marula, District Hoshiarpur in the year 1885 (Samvat 1932), to father Sardar Fateh Singh and mother Sardarni Chand Kaur.  Marula was a small village, five kilometers from the town of Chabbewal, two kilometers from village Jiyan and situated to the north of the city of Hoshiarpur. The land of the village was sandy and covered with bushes, shrubs and hedges. The season of spring really landed in the village of Marula. When the child was named ‘Basant Singh’

The parents brought up the child in a meticulous manner. During the upbringing the child was introduced to the daily visits to the Gurdwara. Keeping quiet was his nature. He however recited the holy verses in his mind, as taught by his mother.

 As he grew up there was an upheaval in his mind, taking the shape of a storm. He was in search of an enlightened preceptor who could guide him the right path to worship and attain the Lord Almighty. The infatuation could be seen from the aura of love for the Lord, present all around him.

 It was a very significant event in the life of Baba Basant Singh ji when he was taken in the fold of Sriman Sant Baba Harnam Singh ji Maharaj of Jiyan, District Hoshiarpur.

 With the blessings of Mahapurakh he renounced everything while performing stringent meditation. He learned the right way of performing veneration, recitation of Gurbani and remembrance of the Name of the Lord after long and arduous sessions. With the blessings of Sant Baba Harnam Singh ji Maharaj, he was baptized with the ambrosial nectar of the two edged sword. He remained involved in SIMRAN for twenty-four hours in a day and served his Gurudev with full devotion. While in Samadhi he was not conscious of the happenings around him.

 Gurudev transferred his entire austerity to Sant Baba Basant Singh ji and predicted that the pious soul would have a large following and respected by Rajas and Maharajas. Gurudev gave his blessings, “Santa! Your penance has completed here. You have now to tackle the ignorance and misery of the ordinary people. You have to bless them with the teachings of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji and administer the Amrit of the two edged sword.”

Sant Baba Basant Singh ji Maharaj obeyed the orders of his Gurudev. Sant Baba ji, performed his meditation on the Name of the Almighty at different places preaching people to take refuge of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji and they were baptized with the Amrit of the KHANDA-BATA.

 Leading the sangat to edification and deliverance Sant Baba ji finally reached village Johalan near Jalandhar in 1920AD and there did he settle. Blessed was the soil of Johalan, which became home to this great ascetic, selfless soul and the epitome of spirituality. In the midst of the wasteland the great soul, imbued in godliness, established his base and took on the holy task of upliftment of mankind.


  1. Such was the splendour of his personality that many adherents of other religions, most of whom were Hindus and Muslims also became his followers. Sant Baba ji’s blessings and love was for all humans irrespective of religion, class or their status. Nambardar Umardin of village Chohak Kalan considered Sant Baba ji as his ‘Pir’ and requested him to bless the village with his Holy feet. Sant Baba ji reached the village and asked about the owner of the house he passed. In reply he was told the name of the house owner. Sant Baba ji blessed the house of Umardin. Umardin was very happy as his ‘Pir’ had placed his Holy feet in the house. He told Sant Baba ji that he was not shortage of any material comforts and had everything but in spite of seven marriages, he did not have any issue. He requested Sant Baba ji to bless him with a son. Sant Baba ji said, “Your house is very beautiful. I have passed the houses in the village and every house has a owner. I have not seen the house of ALLAH.

Umardin immediately understood the depth in the meaning of Sant Baba ji’s words. He constructed a Masjid in the village for the villagers to offer their daily Namaz. The result of this was felt by Umardin in his life. All the Begums of Umardin were blessed with a son each. Umardin celebrated the birth of each son by taking sweets for the ‘Pir’ with a musical band performing on the way to the Kutiya.


  1. The Muslims of village Dhilwan did not permit the devotees to take out a Nagar Kirtan on the occasion of birth anniversary of Bhagat Ravidas ji. The devotees came to the refuge of Sant Baba ji, who with his charm impressed the Muslims and found an amicable solution.
  2. Many individuals from other communities embraced Sikhism.
  3. Apart from the Nirmalas coming from other centers, sadhus of even other sects would come to seek his guidance.
  4. Villagers who habitually wore loose wraparound cloth around the loins, dyed their hair or trimmed or cut it, were transformed by him though initiation with the ambrosial nectar of the two edged sword.
  5. The word of this ascetic sadhu carried such force that minds were instantaneously reformed, and the fortunate ones would immediately tread on the Guru’s path.
  6. He taught people how to come out of their superstitions and fallacies and follow the simple and true path of a dedicated Sikh.
  7. He went beyond Punjab and visited UP, Delhi, Caimbalpur (Pakistan), and Faridkot etc propagating Sikhism, baptizing and bringing many within the Guru’s way of life.
  8. Whenever young men came alone to visit Sant Baba Basant Singh ji Maharaj, he used to feel very happy. He was very open while discussing things with the young persons. He often asked the youngsters simple questions about their family and religious lives. He then guided them to touch the feet of elders at home, and seek their blessings. These youngsters were told the importance of reciting and memorizing Gurbani.
  9. Whenever the ceremony of initiation through the ambrosial nectar of the two edged sword, was held at the Kutiya, the kakars were offered free to the aspiring seekers.
  10. Many liars, thieves and robbers, licentious debauches and those sunk in the coils of greed and arrogance were redeemed by him, and guided onto the path of true devotion.
  11. In recognition of the services to the Panth and to Sikhism (Services of preaching sangat to take refuge of Gurbani of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji, baptizing the sangat with the Amrit of the two edged sword and establishing Gudwaras in various cities and villages) Sant Baba Basant Singh ji Maharaj’s portraits adorn the Sikh Museums at Sri Amritsar Sahib, Sri Patna Sahib, Sri Anandpur Sahib, Gurdwara Bangla Sahib Delhi and many other Gurwaras.
  12. People from all walks of life were advised abstinence of tobacco, liquor, meat and eggs.

 He was a self-denying sadhu and no one could find a gap between what he professed and what he practiced. This was the reason why all from constable to SSP or even IG of the Police department, soldier to General from the Army, politicians, government officials, farmers big or small, Doctors, Engineers etc, who once had audience with him were inevitably drawn to the Gurbani and encouraged to become baptized Sikhs. No matter how high the rank of an officer, this detached sadhu considered him a part of the sangat.

 Braham Giani Sant Baba Basant Singh ji Maharaj left for his heavenly abode on 24th Katak Samvat 2028 (9.11.1971).

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